Granite Makes Burlington Homes Feel Prestigious

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Granite Good for Pharaohs, Grantite Great for Burllington Homes

Granite has long been a favourite with builders. The pharaohs recognized its enduring strength and, in fact, The Red Pyramid was named for its crimson hue. Ancient temples in India also used granite and its use became widespread in Britain as it moved into the industrial age. At that time new steam-cutting techniques made granite popular for interior use as well, particularly as flooring. Even the dead preferred granite. Queen Victoria chose to be buried under a granite sarcophagus at her royal home of Frogmore. Today, the lustre of granite has transferred from those regal beginnings to the use of granite in Burlington homes.
Granite also has huge appeal for countertops, bathroom vanities, backsplashes and fire hearths. There is nothing that says you've arrived better than granite flooring in your hallway – and no more durable way to protect your high-traffic areas.

Granite Slabs and Tiles

Both granite slabs and tiles are used in kitchens and both have their own advantages. There is perhaps nothing more majestic than a large piece of uncut granite. It is unique, with ribbons of colour, crossed by fascinating striations and speckles. It is tough, durable, and hygienic and lends an air of worthiness to the kitchen. Granite slabs are one of a kind and the patterns on them cannot be matched but, if you are concerned with a uniform appearance, it may not be suitable for your needs.
Strength, beauty and versatility come together in granite tiles. Made from a blend of materials, granite tiles are hard to differentiate from solid slabs. They can come in a variety of colours, patterns and styles. They're less costly than the slabs but they are also stain, scratch and burn resistant. Their biggest advantage over the slabs is that they are easier to install, and can be mixed to create a design.
Both the tiles and larger pieces offer solid protection against damage, and are especially welcome in high-traffic areas. It is not for nothing that Toronto's Bloor Street has recently taken a giant step, transforming itself with durable granite walks. The wide stone pieces add upscale lustre to what residents like to call ‘The Mink Mile' and have easily weathered their first winters.
Inside or out – granite looks good, and wears well.

Cleaning Your Granite

Sand, grit and dirt can damage natural surfaces because they are abrasives. But protecting your granite flooring is very simple. Cleaning requires an old fashioned dust mop, with broom and wet mopping as needed. Your retailer can recommend special cleaners for stone floors but generally cleaning it with soap (not detergent) is fine. Again, stay away from abrasive cleaners or ones with an ammonia base; they will dull the floor's sheen.
Countertops should be sealed. The sealing will make the surface less porous, more stain resistant and further protect the stone's original beauty. Professional help is advised for this infrequent task, as well as checking the grouting, if you go the route of granite tiles. In the case of both countertops and flooring, professional installation is necessary.

Choosing granite for your Burlington home will provide a return on your investment both physically and astatically!